Sonja McBerry, our dog trainer, was wonderful. She really understood our little one, and she immediately gained his trust. Although we felt it would be difficult to train such a small and young pup, Sonja was able to teach Tiny everything in our program…..and then some!  - Paresh Patel & Tiny

Sonja trained us and our 8-week-old lab, Riley. This was the foundation for a loving relationship with our dog that lasted her whole life. Sonja is the real deal. Our friends were amazed that we could ask Riley (at less than a year old), to stay on her bed for an hour while we ate and then calmly come greet us when we let her know it was ok. Even when Riley had not seen Sonja for 6 years and she stopped by to help us with a behavior problem, Riley responded to her immediately (very clearly a love/respect greeting). If you are considering bringing a dog into your home, I very highly recommend factoring in the cost of this training because it will only make your relationship with your pet better! Our beloved Riley crossed the rainbow bridge last December after a very hard-fought battle with seizures during her last couple years of life. Thank you, Sonja for all you did for us over that 11 years!  - Linda Melvin

Sonja is wonderful! You can see her skill as she works with you and your dog. My puppy Gracie had fun and learned as well. Sonja made our lessons enjoyable and we looked forward to seeing the progress at every lesson. In addition, Sonja travels to your location which was a must for me! I highly recommend Dog Smart Atlanta!   - Kathy Lohr

One of the best decisions I made was hiring Sonja to train my chocolate lab puppy. She is extremely knowledgeable, hands on and enthusiastic about getting your pooch to your desired level of obedience. She taught me so many successful tips about being a first-time dog owner, and she was always extremely generous with her time; In fact, all of our sessions ran longer than expected. Sonja is great and my pup and I couldn't be more satisfied. - Adrena Anderson

Nova is now a joy to have around the house. We are now able to give her more freedom in our home. She is much calmer, obedient and a fun dog to be around. All of my close friends comment on what a changed dog she is! - Karen Sutton

Awesome! We always learn something new each time we are in contact with our dog trainer, Sonja.  She holds a wealth of knowledge due not only to her experience but her strong connection with the dog’s demeanor and instincts.  Her personality is the best in public relations and relates to every member in our family.  Sonja is naturally observant and a great critical thinker in addressing concerns we may have.  I've had about three trainers at different times in my life as a pet owner and she is the best! - Kingston Hawk

Many of my clients, as well as myself, have used her services and are very happy with the results. She tailors her techniques to the needs of the individual and the pet. She is very professional, courteous and caring with her clients and their pets. I cannot say enough good things about her and her company.  - Dr. Ricky Van Matre

I adopted a terrier mix, Ginny, that proceeded to terrorize my cats. She was also very stubborn and very smart. Sonja helped me train her. Now, she and the cats live in harmony, and I have a peaceful household. I can walk her on leash and it is fun for both of us. Sonja is a true professional that gets results. Ginny and I both love her! - Beth Reeves

We loved having Sonja come help us with our two stubborn beagles! She has such innovative ideas and so much experience to help cater the training to each individual dog. She said so often that every dog is different and you need to find what motivates him or her. One of our dogs had crate and separation anxiety and she taught us how to get him comfortable with the crate and turn it into a safe happy place. Now, he voluntarily goes in the crate and relaxes. Sonja also helped us with loose leash walking which was the most difficult, frustrating thing for us to handle with our hounds. She helped us train them with the proper equipment and now walking them is delightful. We really needed her help, and she delivered on all our wishes and concerns. - Rhea Booth

Sonja is a master of her craft of dog-training which she developed through years of experience and education. Throughout our work with Sonja, she was readily available if we had any concerns or questions, and she continues to be available should concerns arise. She is professional, reliable, respectful, and an excellent teacher. Sonja transformed our problem puppy into a delightful and well-behaved dog! No more chewing on inappropriate items, no more leash-pulling, no more jumping up on us or our guests! Thanks to Sonja, we can thoroughly enjoy our dog - without worries! I highly recommend Sonja McBerry of Dog Smart Atlanta! - Gail Phillips

Sonja is amazing. We adopted a 4 month old Akita, and hired Sonja to help her learn how to be part of the family. Her guidance and instruction was invaluable, we are very thank to have found her. I would highly recommend Sonja and her expertise to anyone who has a new pup or a pup who needs a refresher. Not only is Sonja an awesome dog trained but also an awesome person. She consistently goes above and beyond to make sure that you and your pets have a great experience. - Todd Jones

Our family recently worked with Sonja to help us teach our new rescue dog (1.5 years old) some manners. He is the most friendliest dog but would jump on people, play bite things and people, and was extremely hard to take for walks. We have learned so much with Sonja's help and encouragement. Sonja knows her stuff, she is upfront, reliable and always makes herself available for questions. No doubt that Sonja is one of the Best dog trainers around. The whole experience was worth every single penny. Now when friends come over to our home, we hear comments like, "Oh! Your dog is so well behaved." Even during a dinner party, he stayed in his "place" when told to do so. We are so proud of our rescue's accomplishments. He is the best dog ever and thanks to Sonja, everyone can see that when they come into our home or when we are out for a walk. - Nancy Hollimon

Sonja brought peace and sanity back to our home! I had no idea my dogs could be so well behaved. She truly understands the interaction of dogs and family. Plus, Sonja fit the training to our specific needs. Highly recommend! - Lisa Cink

Dog Smart Atlanta helped both of my dogs. The first time Sonja met with me, she listened to what I needed for them, rather than just tell me what she thought they needed. Listening and watching, she got it right away. It is really amazing the difference in my dogs' behavior. I am really impressed and wish I knew about her years ago! - Amy Seidner

I brought home Kai from the animal shelter when he was three months old. By the time he was seven months he was 60 pounds and completely out of control. We had almost given up hope when - as a last ditch effort - we contacted Dog Smart for help. Sonja did a great job training us and our puppy, who behaves 10,000 times better now. He comes when called, doesn't attack the other pets, doesn't pull on the leash, is no longer food aggressive, and listens when we speak to him. We are very pleased with the service. I highly recommend Dog Smart.

Pat Mahony & Kai from Atlanta, GA


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