Do you want your dog to behave whether or not you are holding a treat?

Dog Training Programs

Dog Smart Atlanta covers dog training for every stage of development for your dog, from puppies to adult dogs. All programs are customized to meet your goals.

Puppy Training Program: Three one-hour sessions (once a week) 

This training includes education and guidance for owners on all puppy behavior and socialization skills. It is the precursor to obedience training and includes house breaking, proper food and water schedules, crate training, toy introduction, chewing, play biting and leash introduction.

Basic Obedience Training: Six one-hour sessions (once a week)

Includes an introduction to voice commands and hand signals such as sit, stay, down, come, wait and control walking. All of this training is done on a 6-foot leash.

Intermediate Obedience Training: Nine one-hour sessions (once a week)

Includes all basic commands in addition to place command and emergency come. All of this training is done on a 6-foot leash.

Advanced Obedience Training: Twelve one-hour sessions (once per week)

This training is conducted on a 15-foot leash. It includes long distance come commands around distractions and temptations with fast recalls. Training provides reinforcement of all basic and intermediate commands.

Behavior Modification Dog Training

Behavior modification looks to change the way a dog feels as well as reacts to a situation, a person, a thing, or an animal, etc. Used for excited, fearful and aggressive behaviors.

Therapy Dog Training: Twelve one-hour Sessions

For this training, the dog and handler will be required to pass the Therapy Dog International test.

Service Dog Training: Call for a Quote

The service dog training program will be customized to fit the duties required of the dog.

Lifetime Support
Unlimited Email and Phone Consultations for the Life of the Dog

If your dog should regress or you have a question, you can e-mail or call to set up your free phone consultation. The information will guide you in the right direction and get your dog back on track. If a courtesy lesson in your home is required, there is no charge to you.

Every client also has a 1-year anniversary free session.