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Dogs chewing is a natural behavior, especially for puppies that are teething. If you notice that your dog has problems with chewing, you will need to correct this as soon as possible.

Some dogs will chew on anything in sight which includes shoes, clothes, and furniture. Of course, these are things that you would rather they keep away from as it will become very expensive to have to keep buying replacements.

One of the easiest solutions to this problem is to get your dog 9 toys and separate them into 3 groups of 3. Place all of the toys in your dirty laundry overnight, this will allow them to pick up your scent. Give your dog the first group of 3 toys on day 1, the second group of toys on day 2 and continue to rotate the toys. Keep the toys in your dirty laundry for at least one week. Consistently encourage your dog to play with the toys.

While you are training them, also teach them not to chew on items that they are not supposed to be chewing on. It is also important that the area where the dog plays is kept free of clutter. For your part, make sure that there are no shoes or other items that they can start chewing on.

If the dog should happen to get something that they‘re not supposed to have, calmly remove the item from their mouth. Redirect, by giving them a toy. Immediately praise them for putting the toy in their mouth. You can also prevent them from not chewing your items by applying Grannick’s Bitter Apple Spray on them.

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