Apartment living with your dog

There are some breeds and temperaments of dogs that are not well-suited to apartment life. Dogs that are very high energy may really struggle being confined to a small space. Often the frustration of being cooped up and bored translates into destructive behaviors like chewing.

Be cognitive of the fact that many people will be sharing your building. A dog that barks constantly will not be favorably received in an apartment setting.

A dog that lives in a small space without a fenced yard will require daily leash time, probably more than a few times a day to go potty and release energy. Be sure to set aside time for activity every day, and recognize that leash walks will be part of your daily routine, even in the rain and snow.

Apartments can be noisy and busy. They are often located in city areas with traffic, bicycles and other animals. Don’t assume your dog will be comfortable with all of these new things. You may have to introduce her to these urban changes slowly and in a safe and calm manner for her to be comfortable.

Invest in a Dog Walker or Doggie Daycare: If you work full time away from home, hire a dog walker, take them to doggie daycare, or drop them off at a pet sitter. No pet wants to, or should, be left alone for extended periods of time — whether indoors or out — for their mental and physical wellbeing. Doggie daycare and pet sitters are great options if you don’t want your dog unattended, and if you want to keep them active throughout the day.

Most dogs love hanging out with other dogs because it gives them the opportunity to interact and play in ways they can’t with humans. Find other dog owners in your apartment building or neighborhood who would like to take walks with you or even just come over for a puppy play date.

You’ll also want to establish a routine with your dog. Dogs are smart and most can easily adapt to the apartment lifestyle. Set times for potty breaks, feeding, walking, and playing.


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